• The average person walks more than 125,000 miles in a lifetime. Walking this distance over the course of a lifetime requires a person’s feet to be strong and stable. With the constant impact of walking and running, it’s not surprising that the feet and ankles are some of the most frequently injured areas of the human body. Ankle and foot pain and injuries are very common.
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    Normally, all of the parts of the hip joint work together and the joint moves easily and without pain. However, disease or injury can disturb the normal functioning of a joint, which can result in hip pain, muscle weakness, and limited movement. And with longer life expectancies and greater activity levels, joint replacement is being performed in greater numbers on younger patients thanks to new advances in artificial joint technology.
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    Total joint replacement or repair, also known as arthroplasty or arthroscopy, may be the best option for patients experiencing pain during everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, grocery shopping, or even getting in and out of bed. Dr. Marvin Lo provides these procedures as a treatment plan for knee or hip joint pain and injury. VISIONAIRE Implant VERILAST Implant JOURNEY UNI Implant JOURNEY II Implant
  • Dr. Marvin Lo specializes in providing comprehensive services to all members of the family experiencing knee related injuries. Knee conditions normally involve disease or injury that can disturb the normal functioning of the joint. This can result in knee pain, weakness, instability, and limited movement. Dr. Lo provide comprehensive services for all forms of knee pain and discomfort.
  • Shoulder conditions occur in the shoulder joint which can prevent us from bending, flexing, reaching, or rotating our arms. However, repetitive overhead movements that are common to some sports and jobs frequently overstress the shoulder joints resulting in injury. When problems related to tendon tears, instability, fractures, arthritis and other conditions impede movement, both surgical and non-surgical treatments are considered to ease pain and help restore movement.
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    Whether you are a weekend warrior or dedicated athlete, Dr. Marvin Lo provides a comprehensive program covering a range of sports medicine injuries. Dr. Lo understands that you want to get back to your recreational activities quickly. Whether you are suffering from broken bones (fractures), sprains, torn ligaments, or ruptured tendons, we are equipped to manage all sports injuries from that first nagging pain through your rehabilitation process.


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