If you just had surgery – you are in the right place!

Welcome to the post op area – If you are here – you probably just had surgery and are in a lot of pain – this will get better within the next two days!

​If you had knee surgery with me – please click here
If you had shoulder surgery with me – please click here

If you had surgery on another body part – the general advice still holds true – unfortunately I have not added these sites yet – sorry…

​Here are a few general tips over the next day
1) Cold drinks and smoothies are awesome – try COLD apple juice, popsicles, and Jamba Juice – it will help the nausea and hydrate at the same time
2) make sure to keep the operative limb elevated above the level of the heart, and ice like crazy!!!! (never put ice directly onto skin and limit ice to 20 min every hour)
​3) try to come off the narcotics ASAP but continue with the antiinflammatory meds – the narcotics will make you feel “out of it” and nauseaus as well

Incisions: Keep your dressings on for 48 hrs. they were placed under a sterile environment, and the incisions will do better left alone. After 48 hrs – if you had arthroscopic surgery – it is okay to unwrap the bandages, and replace the incisions with band aids

Do not place any type of ointment over them. Sponge – bathe – Do not get the incisions wet until after you get the okay from me.

Pain Medication:
Follow the pain chart below for detailsIf you have vicodin – that contains an oxycodone like substance in addition to tylenol – it is okay to take the vicodin in place of the “tylenol and oxycodone” shown in the chart below.

​DO NOT TAKE tylenol in addition to vicodinAs your pain gets better, come off the narcotic medication first – (vicodin or oxycodone), then come off the tylenol, and lastly the ibuprofen.


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​Post-op Appointment: you should already have a post operative follow up appointment with us – this is in your pre-op packet.

Please make sure your post-op appointment is made for 6-10 days after your surgery!!
If not, please call or email us to schedule this: 650-692-1475.

*Please note – these are general instructions meant to augment the specific post op instructions you got when you left surgery – Everybody is treated as an individual therefore you will all have specific do’s and don’ts – those will be on your discharge forms.
*These instruction apply only to patients of Dr. Lo – if you did not have surgery with him – please consult with your own surgeon for post op advice…..


To print a copy of this page, please click here… Dr._Marvin_Lo_Post_Op_Information